Lovers portrait in colorful watercolor


A friend of mine asked me to do a  couple portrait.I did it in my now favorite style of coloring in watercolor. A mix of several main colors. This time I used blue green (which I seldom use), blue, violet and a bit of pink which is a special color because pink is not a part of the watercolor set. I tried the pink of a poster color and mixed a bit of red in it so it won’t be to strong. Like my previous but recent portraits, I didn’t use black. And it seems to be working well and the people who had seen the portrait has been giving me good comments. I was thinking maybe this should be my style now. Rather than drawing children’s style stuff that nobody seems to bother to look at. I have to wait and see where this route of drawing leads me. Like any other artist, I like being praised for my art. Besides I have seen no other artist in my country doing it. It must be something I must continue.


My first ever couple portrait in watercolor

This is the first portrait I did under commission. The fact that somebody ask me to to do their personal is something big for me. Maybe I really do have the talent. Before I did lack confidence in doing portraits.

And being a couple’s portrait, it’s really a challenge because I had to make sure I can get the exact look of both people. Having strong colors other than black didn’t make it easy. Colors has to blend well. And it has to have a feel of romance hence the pink background. It did help that I was watching tv because I won’t be thinking of sleep as I try to make it perfect.

My youngest sister’s portrait


Her name is Laarny Garcia and she is my 21 years old sister.

I was looking for another subject to draw. Something a little bit more serious and realistic than my children’s book illusion. I use her image in my epad as guide as I draw her image. I use a special brown paper with a bit of texture. I am glad how it turned out but I sincerely hope she likes it. I believe I got her face exactly like my guide. Especially her eyes. The eyes had always been a big concern to me every time I make a portrait.  It is always makes or breaks a portrait if the eyes doesn’t really resemble the reality. It was my first try not to use black color as I played with white, violet, blue and red. It is a style becoming popular amongst watercolorist. I started at 10 pm and finished exactly at 12mn. I was so eager to finish it so I can post it at her facebook.

Shiny flower vendor


There was a time when a fortune teller fortold that I would be a flower vendor in the future. Of course it did not turn out that way. As I would become an artist in my own right. So somehow I thought of making my dream image of being a flower vendor girl.

Pin-up Girls Watercolor



These are my pin-up girls rendered in pen & ink plus partial use of colored markers. I am still deciding whether to put names for each pin-up doll. I put these girls on my new small sketchboook hoping to bring them along to my work just in case I would have some free time within office hours when the boss has gone home early.

I first thought to just do some basic sketches for my girls but it doesn’t looked ffinish in plain pencil strokes so here goes my black ink again. The Pin-up era had always fascinated me. Models and stars nowadays don’t pose that way anymore. So I looked over some popular pin-up girls and did base my girls on those.Hopefully without forgetting my style and the fact that it is supposedly for children’s illustration. The ‘innocence’ has to be there.

I still had to make male versions of my drawing but I am still into the girl stuff at this time.

My Niece’s Watercolor Portrait

This is one of my best work in freehand illustration. She is my beautiful 9 year old niece Fionna.  Done on watercolor paper, it took me but a some 2 hours to finish. When I posted it last year in my facebook page, many commented wonderfully at it. My sister just said that my niece is naturally beautiful and that added to the beauty to the artwork.